The "Home of Shining Force II" site welcomes you!

These pages were created just for fun and enjoyment as a dedication to one of the best series of strategy based games, the Shining Force series.

Please do not expect the solution of all problems you may encounter when playing the games. You will not find them here on these pages. The main intention for their existence was showing you what is possible even on those 'old' 16bit game consoles if programmers do the best they can. So many worse games have been published that the good ones should gain a special treatment, like own web pages, for example. This is the cause why I spend hours and hours in front of the computer to recreate more than 600 Animated GIF files (with 2 to 25 single frames) for my Shining Force II pages alone.

You might miss a special tips and tricks section here but you should refer to the Shining Force Web Pages of Moogie and Sir Fil instead. They are the best source for Shining Force strategies and tricks worldwide. Maybe I will cover a Weapon and Item section in the sooner or later future. But I do not plan to put the whole bunch on these pages. Please, don't blame me for thinking this way, but it's my oppinion that it's a kind of boring to read the same tricks over and over again in different places of the World Wide Web.

JAVA-Script code included, enable Java-Script on your browser.
Designed for a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels and 65.000 colors.

All quoted text, logos, screen shots, and artwork copyright and courtesy Sega, Japan.

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